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Over 1400 MFG's Now available on the ECCC Mfg Members page. The list is updated every 2 weeks. 10/23/2014 ....see list

2014.05.13 Final DFARS Rule: The Department of Defense published a proposed rule on May 16, 2013, entitled “Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts”. The rule addressed contractor responsibilities for detecting and avoiding the use or inclusion of counterfeit electronic parts or suspect counterfeit electronic parts, the use of trusted suppliers, and requirements for contractors to report these parts. Following the publication, private-sector firms, industry associations, and government agencies made recommendations and these were carefully considered in preparing the final rule. The much anticipated final rule amending the DFARS was issued last week and became effective on May 6th, 2014. This week, join our host, Stan Salot and his guest, Robert S. Metzger of Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, P.C., as they discuss the implications of this rule to the industry and those committed to counterfeit mitigation. read more »

Consumer Electronics: Put the Squeeze on Pirates. Feature article in May 2014 issue of Material Handling & Logistics. Join the war on counterfeit components and conflict minerals. Read more

PowerPoint slide presentation: Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement; Counterfeit Electronic Parts-Further Implementation ... 3/27/14

News from the USNC We are proud to introduce our new look in the latest edition of the USNC Current (Vol 8 No 4 Winter 2014) which has been posted on the ANSI Server and is available for downloading at the following link: USNC Current Winter 2014 Vol. 8 No. 4 As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions for future issues of this Newsletter. It is only through your help that this communications tool can be written to meet your needs and be as effective as possible. Feel free to transmit this notice to others who may have an interest. Have a great day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Charles T Zegers, General Secretary, USNC/IEC, American National Standards Institute

Counterfeit: Don't Buy Into Organized Crime Stan Salot, President of the Counterfeit Mark Alliance and host of the People to People radio program will interview Alun Jones, Chief of Communications and Advocacy of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel on Tuesday, January 14th. Listen to the show to learn about the new global anti-counterfeit launched today on Times Square that highlights the criminal, environmental and health and safety concerns attached to this illicit business.
Click here to listen to the show.
Download our press release here.

ECCC President and CEO Stan Salot hosts the weekly VoiceAmerica radio show "People to People: Working Together for Your Safety". The show offers valuable information and interviews on some of your favorite topics and interests, including toxic materials and counterfeit consumer products. It's easy to share via iTunes Syndication (a free app), On Demand Library, RSS subscriptions and easy bookmarking and sharing links that post directly to LinkedIn, Twitter and most of the other popular networking sites. Visit the show page at VoiceAmerica

QDL: Live news and discussion for Quality Professionals. The web TV show is broadcast live every Friday at the Quality Digest site. Tune in to this week's show at 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST. A direct link can be found here ... the show will also auto-play on the QD home page. View archived shows here.

PowerPoint slide presentation: Global Counterfeit Epidemic: Implementing International Solutions ... 7/31/13
PowerPoint slide presentation: Global Counterfeit Epidemic: It Could Kill You ... 7/31/13
Video: Chinese Counterfeit Parts Found in US Military Hardware ... 7/31/13
Video: Fake military parts threaten security ... 7/31/13
Video: ITeam Uncovering the dangers of fake electronics ... 7/31/13

Tiny Parts With Massive Lethal Power: Are we contributing to the counterfeit epidemic? 7/29/13 ... read more

CAMA Member Secure Components LLC Conforms to AS6081. 3/25/13 ... read more

CAMA is Introducing Tri-Tiered Membership. 3/19/13 ... read more

Broker Forum is pleased to announce a collaborative industry development effort with the USNC/IECQ Distributors Advisory Group, (DAG). 03/11/2013 Download in PDF format.

Quality Digest Live interviews Stan Salot, 15 June 2012: YouTube video will open in new tab.

Can Products in Your Home be Dangerous? Absolutely!
June 7, 2012 - Stan Salot explains how the HSF Mark ensures that products are safe and manufactured in a socially responsible manner. ...... Read the entire article at the Quality Digest Website

Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, Disposition & Certification
from ECCAS - the Electronic Components Counterfeit Avoidance System. ...... Download [750KB PDF]

IECQ HSPM Documentary by Quality Digest Introducing the IECQ HSPM GREEN Manufacturing Certification Program. The documentary will be presented in monthly segments beginning this month with the introduction. watch video @ the Quality Digest website: intro > part 1> part 2 >


September 9-11, 2014: USNC / IECQ and CAMA Meetings, Milwaukee, WI more >

September 23-25 , 2014:SAE 2014 Aerospace Systems and Technology Conference, Cincinnati, OH more >

September 30 - October 2, 2014: USNC Management Meetings, Arlington, VA more >

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Useful Websites A forum where industry professionals, business leaders and concerned citizens can share ideas and practices to address the growing epidemic of counterfeit electronic components visit site > Hazardous Substance Free and the HSF MarkTM - green manufacturing and consumerism visit site > The only international certification services for IECQ HSPM and ECMP visit site > Environmental Intelligence Analysis. Companies save money and reduce legal fees using EIATRACK, the global benchmark in environmental intelligence and product-oriented regulatory tracking and analysis. visit site > RoHS compliance daily news visit site > RoHS, WEEE, China RoHS and other green initiatives visit site > RoHS compliance in the United Kingdom visit site >

RSJ Technical Consulting Explaining recycling-based initiatives relating to electrical & electronic equipment, including IMDS and RoHS visit site >

US-MB, ECCC Services:

Supplier’s declaration of conformity, under IECQ supervision, is an essential element of IECQ. When properly utilized, IECQ can:

  1. Provide stronger assurance that electronic components, related materials and processes, as well as solar photovoltaic home systems and components, meet the conformity requirements of a buyer-seller specification
  2. Effect important and continuing cost savings for customers and suppliers
  3. Become an effective tool for improved market penetration and enhanced customer satisfaction
  4. Help build bottom-line profitability with minimal investment. In short, IECQ can provide the strength that binds long-term customer-supplier relationships.
  5. EIATRACK: Environmental Intelligence Analysis
    To stay on top of environmental regulations worldwide, ECCC encourages CBs and certified companies to subscribe to EIATRACK at The value of this service is that it cost-effectively helps you manage your knowledge about hazardous and restricted substances, batteries, product take-back, energy efficiency and design for the environment. Your affiliation with ECCC provides you with significantly discounted rates. Find out more by contacting


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